Research & Publications

Backed by a global network that includes some of the most experienced analysts in the sustainability business, we generate commissioned research reports and briefings on topics ranging from sustainability policy in government, to corporate implementation and reporting, to current issues in sustainability economics — and many other topics.

Recent research assignments and reports have included assessments on sustainability in the global financial system, the development of the global Green Economy, the global ocean (aka ”Blue”) economy, energy management trends, and reviews of sustainable development implementation at the national government and corporate level. Much of our work is done privately for clients who either publish the results or use them internally, but you can see some public examples of our work below.

Writing to Inform and Inspire the Sustainability Transformation

CEO Alan AtKisson has been writing on sustainability since 1988. His widely read books have been translated into multiple languages, and adopted by professional training programs, university courses, and government departments around the world.



Contact us for more information on how our Sustainability Intelligence Unit can help you deepen your knowledge and understanding, and build more effective strategies for change.

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