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Get Accelerator Lite

Tools for sustainability transformation … for everyone.

In 2015, to support global implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), AtKisson Group made its Accelerator tools — recognized globally as an effective way to teach, train, and plan for sustainable development — available in a simplified format that anyone can use. (To learn about our professional tools, see Accelerator Pro.) Accelerator Lite gives you the essentials, so that you can get started working with your classroom, your colleagues, or any other group, in an education or non-commercial context. Full descriptions below!

Note: When you click one of the download buttons below, you will be redirected to our digital sales and download service. Please be sure to read the licensing agreement. Acceptance of the agreement is required before downloading.

We use PayPal for digital payments, but you do not need to be a member of PayPal; you can still use your credit card at the PayPal payment screen. (There is no need for any use of PayPal when downloading the free version.)

Note: when you purchase Accelerator Lite at the fair price of $59.00, you are supporting the non-profit organization Compass Education and its programs to empower youth sustainability leaders. Thank you in advance!




For an 18-minute intro to all three of these tools, watch Alan AtKisson’s TEDx Talk.

Accelerator Lite equips you with the Sustainability Compass for introducing sustainability, and understanding its different aspects. With the Compass, you can help any group understand sustainability from a whole-systems perspective. The Compass Lite guide and presentation slides also include guidance on how to relate the Sustainability Compass to the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


You also get the popular Pyramid Lite workshop manual, for leading a group exercise to explore a sustainability challenge in more detail. The Pyramid workshop has been used around the world — in cities, companies, schools and universities — to help people quickly grasp the inter-connected nature of sustainability challenges, and to develop ideas for projects and initiatives they can do together (or you can use it just as a learning and discussion tool).


Finally, you get the Amoeba Game, a short role-playing exercise on change for sustainability that has been translated to a dozen languages and used around the world. the “Amoeba” is a model for understanding how new ideas get introduced into a group, and the different social roles people play in relation to new ideas. They can help you introduce the idea of being a change agent for sustainability. And it’s fun!



What you get with Accelerator Lite


Accelerator Lite is not an “app”. It comes in the form of a .zip file with manuals in .pdf format, and slides in .pptx format (see sample images).

You can print out the manuals, or just review them digitally, and use the slides and images in presenting to a group. Your license conditions allow you to use these tools in any educational or non-commercial setting.


If you would like to use these tools in a consultancy or in a corporate setting, please upgrade to the full Accelerator Pro suite — which will provide you with many more tools that you can use in professional sustainability work, as well as more detailed manuals and upgraded presentation slides.

Free to all who need it

We make Accelerator Lite available in a free, simplified version because we know that many people working in schools, NGOs, communities and developing country offices cannot afford to pay for it, or may not have access to credit cards. If you can pay for it, please choose the “Fair Price” version. There is no difference between the versions … and no one is looking over your shoulder. You are welcome to download whichever version makes sense for you!




Note: You will be asked to agree to the licensing terms before downloading.

You can examine the license here.

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