When we take on a client, we become committed to that client’s success.

When companies, NGOs, government agencies, and international development programs need help developing sustainability strategies and programs, they come to us. A number of our clients have subsequently become recognized as global sustainability leaders.

How do we work?

As consultants and advisors, we listen carefully to make sure we understand what clients want. Then we take a deep, systemic look at what they actually need. Often we make use of our well-proven, proprietary tools and methods: the Accelerator. Just as often, we develop new solutions, uniquely tailored for them.

Consulting generally involves making recommendations, which clients then implement — except when they can’t. So we often go a step further: we help ensure the client has the capacity and the motivation to do what they need to do, and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

In over 20 years of practice, we have earned a reputation for excellence that we back up with a quality guarantee.  



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