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AtKisson Group has been at the forefront of sustainability since 1992, working across boundaries of all kinds, and creating tools and methods used around the world.

Founded over two decades ago by Alan AtKisson, one of the pioneers of sustainability consulting, the AtKisson Group is comprised of an international network of affiliated organizations and individuals in over 15 countries.

With a uniquely principled and whole-system approach to addressing the pressing challenges of our time, AtKisson Group is a highly regarded and sought-after source of fresh ideas, well-tested experience, and best practices.


Our Story

It all began in Seattle, and we started out as volunteers.

In 1990, Alan AtKisson co-founded the Sustainable Seattle initiative, which would later be recognized by the United Nations as a model project in urban sustainability and indicator development. Sustainable Seattle would act as a catalyst for the meeting between key individuals and a shared purpose that would later give birth to the AtKisson Group.

In 1992, Alan founded a small consultancy with a vision of introducing innovative tools into the new field of sustainability, and helping to accelerate change around the world. Our early consulting projects were in support of the sustainability leaders of the time, and they built our competency in indicators and assessment, organizational development, initiative design, training, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, communication, and other critical skill areas. Out of these projects also developed a set of proven tools and methods for advancing sustainability, which were brought together as the VISIS method (Vision, Indicators, Systems, Innovation, Strategy) and the Accelerator toolkit. (“VISIS” was formerly known as “ISIS”.)

Today, the AtKisson Group is a global network, with AtKisson, Inc. serving as the hub for dozens of affiliated organizations, firms, and individuals. Our tools, such as the Sustainability Compass and the Pyramid workshop, have been adopted and used around the world. And we are still made of the same core ingredients that our work was founded upon — systems and sustainability theory, mixed with best-practice methods of practical implementation and change; a sense of passion for our work; and a commitment to quality, creativity, and excellence in working with our clients and customers.

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An Extraordinary Global Network

AtKisson Group is a global network of companies, organizations, and individuals. The coordinating hub is AtKisson, Inc. with subsidiaries in Sweden and Germany. Our Affiliates and Partners are leading institutions in their regions — firms, foundations, and university centers of expertise. We work independently and in teams, complemented by a strong roster of individual Associates.

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Auburn University

Affiliate - SE USA
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Cabinet Espere

Affiliate - France
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Center for Sustainable Development/CEMUS - Uppsala University

Partner - Sweden
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Centre for Systems Solutions

Affiliate - Poland
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Change Agent Inc.

Affiliate - Japan
member photo

Center for Sustainability Transformation

Affiliate - Germany
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Lead Indonesia

Affiliate - Indonesia
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Mendeleev University of Chemical Science

Partner - Russia
member photo

Optimal Niche

Affiliate - NW USA
member photo

CREATE/Sasin Center for Sustainability Management

Affiliate - SE Asia
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Sendzimir Foundation

Affiliate - Poland
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Systainability Asia

Affiliate - SE Asia

We’re one of the world’s most experienced multi-service organizations in the field of sustainability.

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