I have donated the Accelerator tools to Compass Education …

November 27, 2021
where they can continue to spread sustainability knowledge and ideas around the world
Readers of my old newsletter WaveFront, which closed down when I became a government official and closed my company in 2018, will remember the Accelerator tools: the Compass for learning about sustainability, the Pyramid workshop for creating consensus around action, and the Amoeba for making change happen.

For the past few years, Compass Education has had the rights to any income from those tools, and they use the Compass as their core symbol, tool and logo. But until now, always with the AtKisson copyright attached.

Now I have donated ownership of all these tools to this wonderful international non-profit driven mostly by volunteers – teachers and school administrators working around the world. Compass Education has already reached 42 countries and has a big vision to reach a lot more.

It seemed appropriate to use my old “WaveFront” newsletter template to inform you as well, friends who signed up for my personal newsletter. At the end of 2021, I will permanently dissolve my company as well (it has been “on ice” since 2018).

You can read more about this donation and follow links to the announcements etc. on my blog:

And if you feel inclined to help Compass Education to achieve this wonderful bold vision — reaching a million teachers with sustainability and systems thinkning — please connect with them via their website:

Here is a video announcement from Compass Education’s executive director, Nicole Swedlow:

And an article from my longtime colleague and friend Robert Steele, a founder of the Compass Education:

Warmest regards from Stockholm,

Alan AtKisson
Founder of AtKisson Group (1992-2018)
“Founding Innovator” of Compass Education (2009-)
Lead innovator and developer of the Accelerator tools
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