A Unique Global Network with a Long History

Our network, which began going global in 2001, is in 16 countries

iStock_000019754519_smallSustainability Accelerator Network combines for-profit firms with university centers, non-profit organizations, foundations, and individuals. It has served us and our clients well, for nearly two decades. Our business model is low-cost and low-footprint, but we can rapidly scale up to tackle global-sized assignments — as we have done many times.

We can out-compete  some of the world’s largest consulting firms, thanks to our agile network structure, our deep experience, and the high quality of our work.

AtKisson-logo-corpnamesx2Sustainability Accelerator Network began as the AtKisson Group, founded by sustainability pioneer Alan AtKisson in Seattle, Washington, in 1992. The Swedish branch was founded in 2001, and the network spread from there.

AtKisson Group served many clients in many countries, over many years. It also created a set of tools, called Accelerator, and began licensing them to other practitioners. In 2015, a free, “lite” version of the tools was made available in conjunction with the agreement on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

AtKisson Group also created two spin-offs:


The Center for Sustainability Transformation GmbH, located near Frankfurt, Germany, and directed by Axel Klimek. It is a center for professional training and development, with a focus on coaching and in driving change for sustainability.

Compass Education, based in Thailand and the United States, manages an international training and certification program for teachers, administrators, and students working on sustainability.

The Sustainability Accelerator Network is today managed by Systainability Asia and its director Robert Steele, who was recognized by Alan AtKisson as the world’s most experienced Accelerator practitioner.

If you have any questions, please contact us — we look forward to hearing from you.

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