Keynotes & Presentations

Alan AtKisson’s unique blend of inspiration and information how wowed audiences in 40 countries

His popular TEDx Talk tells you ”How to be a more effective agent of change” in 15 minutes … followed by his famous 3-min song about parachuting cats into Borneo. He also describes the origins of our key tools: the Sustainability Compass, the Pyramid workshop, and a full run-through of the ”Amoeba” model for mapping pathways for change. Watch the video here

Alan AtKisson’s opening presentation at the 2016 Strategy Forum for the Baltic Sea Region (a high-level EU conference) brought a message of accelerated innovation, transformation and economic potential — grounded in dozens of recent studies and reports — that can turn implementing the SDGs into an enormous regional lift, advancing global leadership on sustainable development. Read the Executive Briefing

Alan AtKisson interviews Unilever CEO Paul Polman in this high-quality video from the 2014 Gothenburg Award ceremony (with AtKisson moderated, Polman won the award). Paul Polman offers an inspiring, thoughtful, and personal view of the future of sustainability, and what it takes to lead a company through transformation, to greatness. Watch the video here

Alan AtKisson has been featured at conferences and events around the world, helping to set a tone that is both inspirational and intellectually stimulating. Also a skilled moderator for high-level panels, meetings, and seminars, Alan has moderated events with Nobel Prize-winning researchers, top government officials, corporate leaders, and world-renowned experts in their fields. Watch a video sampler of Alan’s work

If you’d like to engage Alan, or other specific members of our network, to speak at your conference or event, send us a message and we’ll put you in touch.




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