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For over 25 years, AtKisson Group has been a global leader in making sustainability happen

We are a professional network of firms, foundations, individual experts, and university centers of expertise. We offer advisory, training, research and communications services. Our clients include global companies, government agencies, large NGOs, and the United Nations. Our tools, analyses, and strategic advice have been put to use around the world.

We were founded in 1992 by Alan AtKisson—author, innovator, inspirational speaker, strategic advisor, recognized with induction to the Sustainability Hall of Fame. We have Affiliates and Associates around the world. We blend science, economics, transformation, and creative communications, turning complex challenges into strategies for systemic change.


Our History

AtKisson Group has always been at the forefront of sustainability

In 1990, Alan AtKisson co-founded Sustainable Seattle, a volunteer initiative later recognized by the United Nations as a model project in urban sustainability and indicator development. He established a small consultancy in 1992, and Sustainable Seattle became his first pro bono client.

AtKisson’s ultimate aim was to spread sustainability ideas more quickly and accelerate change. His early consulting projects for cities, foundations, and international initiatives around the world led to the creation of tools and methods to support integrated planning; indicators and analysis; transformative organizational development; training for change agents; and other elements of what later became standard practice in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

AtKisson’s 1999 bestseller Believing Cassandra – How to be an optimist in a pessimist’s world introduced concepts such as “sustainability change agent” and creating sustainability transformation through accelerated innovation. His keynote speeches and seminars, often including musical interludes and interactive exercises, electrified audiences ranging from research scientists to business executives, and from high school students to military officers.

By 2001, the AtKisson Group had established its second office in Stockholm, Sweden (where Alan now lives). By 2010, there were AtKisson Group Affiliates and partners in France, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Mexico and other countries. While the AtKisson Group remains small in business terms, its past and current clients included global icons such as Nike, Levi Strauss, Volvo Cars, WWF, and numerous governments, as well as the United Nations Secretariat. We continue to help sustainability leaders break new ground — and help those who are not yet leaders pick up their pace.

Today, the AtKisson brand name is associated with top quality services, using creative methods, based on long experience, delivered with unquestioned integrity, as well as high returns on sustainability investment. We are dedicated to helping you achieve genuine success in sustainability — quickly, strategically, and reliably.

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