AtKisson Group Sponsors Global “17Goals” Initiative

December 11, 2015

17Goals_Logo_smallerThe AtKisson Group is the principal sponsor of a global initiative to raise awareness and inspire action to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or “SDGs”.

Called 17Goals, the initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership with over 20 organizations represented, in a dozen countries, ranging from large universities to small consultancies. It has been formally listed with the UN’s partnership registry.

Thanks to a website that has been described as “stunning,” and communications materials that have proven very popular with government, business, and educational audiences, 17Goals is off to a flying start. “But we are in this for the long haul,” says initiative founder Alan AtKisson. “Things get much more serious after 1 July, 2016, when the 17 SDGs replace the previous MDGs, and come into formal effect.”

17Goals’ mission is to make it possible for everyone to learn more about the SDGs, to teach others, and to take action. It provides free resources such as PowerPoint slides of the goals themselves, a “study edition” for digging deeper into the fine print, a “learn your SDGs” quiz, and a “guided tour” that walks people through all 17 goals … and links them to carefully selected tools and websites.

All the tools on the 17Goals website are also accessible through a searchable database, keyed to the different SDGs. To find tools and resources related to a specific SDG, visitors can just search for that Goal number, or for related keywords.

And in January, the initiative will even launch a new music video about the SDGs. “We want to get people moving on this,” says AtKisson. “Literally.”

For the launch and all the activity so far, AtKisson Group has been the sole financial sponsor. “Getting this off the ground has been our own CSR project,” says AtKisson. “We’re practicing what we preach, and preaching what we practice.”

Follow 17Goals at the website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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