AtKisson Group to Betty Miller: THANK YOU!!!

June 10, 2015

BettyMiller_AlanAtKisson_Betty'sFinalDay lighterThis month, longtime AtKisson Group administrator Betty Miller officially retired from service, after over 15 years of doing … well, everything. From accounting to filling book orders, from talking with our lawyers to storing boxes of CDs in the barn at her eco-homestead in New Hampshire, I really cannot imagine how we could have built up this small-but-global enterprise without her extraordinarily efficient, intelligent, reliable, not to mention super-pleasant support.

For me personally, Betty also became a trusted advisor and a very dear friend.

Betty studied with Dennis and Donella Meadows, authors of Limits to Growth and founders of the Balaton Group. She was the Balaton Group’s administrator from the beginning, in 1982 (she still keeps their accounts). And since 1998 or so, from her base of operations at Premiere Business Services, she has been the rock that kept everything humming for AtKisson, Inc., the hub company for AtKisson Group.

She stuck with us through ups and downs. If we had trouble paying her some months (yes, that happened sometimes), she waited patiently until we caught up.

When she took a couple of months off to go to Alaska, or suddenly had to have her hips replaced, she somehow figured out how to put systems in place so that we hardly knew she was away.

Betty deserves more than a web article, or a nice watch, to commemorate her wonderful contribution to us, and to sustainability, through tireless years administrative support. What she really deserves is a song, or a symphony. Or maybe a good bottle of scotch. I still haven’t figure out what to give her.

So for now, I’ll just give her my deepest personal thanks. And gratitude that our friendship will continue, long after the last invoice has been written.

– Alan AtKisson

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