Compass Education Continues to Spread its Global Wings

February 1, 2017

We are so proud of our spin-off sister organization, Compass Education, which is spreading sustainability through international schools around the world. From its original base in Thailand, CompassEd has now spread into the rest of East Asia and, literally, around the world. As new teachers and administrators become trained as trainers, they take their skills to new schools in Latin America, Africa or the Gulf States … and lead new workshops there.

Here is one of the CompassEd teams at a recent workshop event in Jakarta, running a “Level 1” training for educators on integrated, systems-based approaches to sustainability education, using the Sustainability Compass, the Pyramid workshop and our other tools (adapted for education).

Notice the Compass logos on the shirts! That particular version of the Compass was designed by Courtney Hurst-Windham, who teaches graphic design at Auburn University (the Office of Sustainability at Auburn is one of our Affiliates).


Left to Right, front row: Kevin Sullivan (Director IEN, Singapore-based consultants); Glenn Chickering (Head of Secondary at Green School, Bali); Teresa Tung (Deputy Head of Secondary, NIST International School, Bangkok). Back row: Kate O’Connell (Primary Teacher, IB PYP Workshop Leader and Wellbeing & Global Campus Learning Leader, Northbridge International School, Cambodia); and Cindy Chen, IB DP Coordinator and Environmental Systems Science Teacher, Wells International School, Bangkok.


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