Proplast Brings Plastic Recycling and Livelihood to Communities in Senegal

December 8, 2016

Our colleagues JF Fillaut and François Raguenot from Cabinet Espere in France are doing exemplary work establishing sustainable, circular-based business models in Africa. Their Senegal-based social enterprise Proplast aims to maximize both social and environmental impact through the collection and valorization of plastic waste. The enterprise has garnered so much interest, it’s even being studied by the London School of Economics.

imageFounded in 2010, Proplast specializes in the collection and recycling of plastic waste. The recycled plastic, in the form of pellets, is then reused as a secondary raw material for the local plastic industry.  Now the largest plastic recycling enterprise in Senegal, Proplast has over 250 employees and more than 60 private entrepreneurs working fulltime in the collection network.
Since its start, over 1,750 tons of plastic waste have been recycled and sold on the local, regional, and international markets. All income is re-invested in collection systems and other infrastructure, better incomes, better labour conditions, improved efficiency, and larger volumes.

Visit Proplast’s website and the video below (both in French) to learn more.


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