In the SDG era, Sustainability is truly for everyone

September 6, 2017

A little book with a big message! Click the image to order >>

Alan AtKisson’s popular 50-page mini-book on communicating sustainability has just been released in its 2nd edition.
And it’s free if you need it.

In 2013, I wrote a little book in response to getting elected to the “Sustainability Hall of Fame.” That book — it felt more like a personal letter to my colleagues, illustrated with playful stick-figure drawings — ended up selling many thousands of copies, getting distributed to whole companies and large university groups, and being translated into several languages.

In fact, many people began using my “personal letter to colleagues” as an introductory text on sustainability. No one was more surprised than I was.

And over the years, the book kept on selling.

So this summer, I updated it. Because I had to! In 2015, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) arrived. Finally – officially! – sustainability truly is for everyone. At the United Nations, 193 governments came together to say exactly that. “Surely this little book has to say something about the SDGs!” I thought to myself.

So here is the new, 2nd edition. Most of the book has not changed, including its key message: “Sustainability is for Everyone.” I want to keep pushing sustainability out beyond the professionals and specialists, and into the rest of the world. (So does the UN.) This little book helps do that.

But there are a few differences: a new Preface about the SDGs. Updated data and footnotes. A bolder dark-green cover. A new logo on the back. (Remember, we changed the name of our professional development program, it’s now the Center for Sustainability Transformation.)

And there is also a new PDF version. You can download that version for free, if you need it. Otherwise, you can buy the paper, e-book, or PDF versions at the usual price of $5.95. Click here for more info — on all of the above.

For bulk orders, steep discounts are available. Institutions can license a digital copy for broad distribution. (I will even personalize it for you.)

And in keeping with the whole theme of the book … I’m flexible on this. “Sustainability is for Everyone” is for everyone. I’m happy to work with you, whatever your economic situation, to ensure this book reaches everyone it really needs to reach.

Ideas? Questions? Just write to me.

And keep spreading the word: Sustainability is for Everyone.


Alan AtKisson
Pres., AtKisson Group

P.S. Don’t forget our other, still-pretty-new book: Parachuting Cats into Borneo, co-authored with Axel Klimek. Paper, e-book, and audio versions available!

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