The Future of Europe is Science … and Sustainability

October 9, 2014

Here in Europe, the President’s Science and Technology Advisory Council (on which I serve) has released it’s second — and final — report. (Final at least as far as our service to President Barroso is concerned. His term ends this month.)

The Future of Europe is Science is partly a forecast, partly a set of recommendations (to all decision-makers and citizens) … and part dream.

FutureEUScienceNo one can dispute that science, technology, and engineering (SET) have been definitive forces in Europe’s history, reaching all the way back to Aristotle.

But will they always be? More importantly, for me at least, will SET help Europe lead the way to a sustainable future for the world as a whole?

The report provides no definitive answers, but it summarizes beautifully many of the scientific advances, questions, and concerns that probably interest most people. What will happen to health care? Where is information technology taking us, and do we want to go there? What about resources, environment, sustainability, and quality of life?

Since there is little point in summarizing a report that is, itself, a kind of “mega-summary,” let me just recommend it to you — wherever you are. It’s very short, very readable. Yes, the focus is Europe, and the report was commissioned by Pres. Barroso. But many of these are issues that affect everyone, everywhere.
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Use it to awaken policy discussions … convince government to invest … get students thinking …
And to help actually create the future that we all want, and that our planet’s complex-yet-delicate systems insist that we create: sustainability.

Download from the European Commission:


Download a copy from

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