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Proplast Brings Plastic Recycling and Livelihood to Communities in Senegal

Dec 08 2016

Our colleagues JF Fillaut and François Raguenot from Cabinet Espere in France are doing exemplary work establishing sustainable, circular-based business models in Africa. Their Senegal-based…

Keep calm and carry on with sustainability — with respect, honesty, and compassion

Nov 25 2016

An open letter to our global community from Alan AtKisson The recent election results in the United States have caused strong reactions…

Alan AtKisson’s presentation at Strategy Forum 2016

Nov 09 2016


The Clothes “We Don’t Need”

Oct 24 2016

The following article was written by Anna Brismar, founder of Green Strategy Sweden. Anna works as sustainability consultant within the fashion and textile field,…

New Book: “Parachuting Cats into Borneo”

Jul 30 2016

AtKisson Group and the Center for Sustainability Transformation are pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Center co-founders Axel…

A New Spring for Sustainability

Mar 24 2016

Get ready: here comes some good news. Yes, the northern hemisphere’s Spring weather seems to have brought new energy for sustainability. Several…

The SDG Indicators: What are we measuring?

Feb 12 2016

AtKisson Group has published an analysis of the newly released SDG Indicators, viewing them through the lens of “green economy,” that shows…

Bringing sustainability to the sea: The Blue Economy

Feb 05 2016

Since 2013, AtKisson Group has been providing strategic and research support to WWF Sweden on a variety of topics related to sustainability…

AtKisson Group Joins Paris Pledge for Action

Dec 23 2015

The AtKisson Group is one of over 1,000 “non-state actors” (cities, businesses, NGOs etc.) to have formally signed a pledge to support…

Compass Education’s “Whole-School” Approach to Sustainability

Dec 11 2015

Over the past four years, a quiet revolution has been brewing in international education, focused in Southeast Asia. The topic is sustainability,…